U. S. Air Force

U. S. Army
George R. Allen Jr. ~ 1LT   US Army

William H. Allen ~ CPL   US Army

Richard P. Blanks ~ MAJ   US Army

William L. Clark ~ PFC   US Army

John Davis ~ PFC   US Army

Clarence Faulkner ~ PV2   US Army

Willard O. Faulkner ~ PFC   US Army

Johnnie B. Gill ~ PV2   US Army

Durward B. Grisson ~ PFC   US Army

Charles E. Ivey ~ PFC   US Army

Fred O. Jordan ~ SGT   US Army

Jacob E. Lester Jr. ~ PFC   US Army

James E. Marrow ~ PV2   US Army

Russell Y. Mitchell ~ 1LT   US Army

Howard G. Pack ~ PFC   US Army

Willie L. Terry ~ PFC   US Army

James H. Tucker ~ SFC   US Army

Charles A. Woodward ~ PFC   US Army

Samuel C. Wortham ~ PV2   US Army

U. S. Navy

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